This project uses the medium of bread to look at the importance of sharing and exchange. It is an attempt to make an alternative archive that shares and collects recipes, methods, and thoughts around bread. Celebrating bread as a space and material in which we come together. The title of this project comes from the Latin translation of ‘companion’, meaning ‘with bread’ and ‘those you share bread with’. This project aims to create a sense of companionship in a time that has become increasingly solitary.

As sharing is integral to the history of bread and the creation of an archive, both traditional and alternative methods of collecting and distributing information are also explored. This includes the creation of this website which has been made to function like a digital community garden. Knwoledge, ideas and thoughts have been planted and grown with room for more to be added maintained or taken away. Including the exploration of new ways to host and publish information. As well as the open-sourcing and burying of material to be found and expanded.

Companion Project